S01E04 Laura Byrne

In this episode of the Fringe Interests podcast, I spoke to Laura Byrne.

Laura has won a national comedy competition, she is the star of two youtube channels, Facts. and Try, she has a big online following and she had a very successful run at Edinburgh with her debut show, End of Daze.

We talked about the show, the events that inspired it, her experiences flyering and watching shows in Edinburgh in previous years that gave her a base of knowledge when she took her show over, and also how she almost took a show over a year too soon.

This was a really enjoyable conversation, and I hope you like it.

You can find Laura online at LolsyByrne on facebook and twitter. Laura is bringing her new show, "90s BABY!" to Edinburgh this August, and it's on every day in the Waverley Bar at 3:45 pm. Go check it out.

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