S01E05 Simon Caine

In this episode of the Fringe Interests podcast, I spoke to comedian and podcaster Simon Caine.

Simon runs the brilliant Ask The Industry podcast, with over 100 interviews with prominent members of the comedy industry, from bookers to reviewers to tv commissioners.

He also runs the really interesting Audio Time Capsule Podcast.

Simon brough his 2017 show "Laughter is the Best Placebo" to Cork in 2017, and he returned in July 2018 to preview his new show "Sex, Drugs and Other Things I Don't Do", and I got a chance to interview Simon before that gig.

We talk about his podcasts, his DIY approach and determination to get things done, his new show, and the show he is hoping to write for next years Edinburgh which sounds fantastic.

We also talk about trying to build an audience and Simon's medium term goals.

We start the interview by discussing what Simon is hoping to get out of this years Edinburgh festival, and my theory on the challenge faced by anyone trying to make it as a comedian.

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