S01E06 Ryan Cullen

The 2018 Edinburgh Fringe Festival is coming to an end this weekend, and so is the first run of the Fringe Interests podcast. We are going out with a bang with a great interview with one of Irelands' best comedians, Ryan Cullen.

Ryan is a specialist in dark one-liners, and we discuss how he writes, as well as the change in direction he is taking with his current show, Daddy Issues, which involves a lot of weird and wonderful stories about Ryans father.

We discuss Ryans previous experiences at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, with his shows "Guantanamo Bae" and "Safe Word", and the lengths Ryan goes to make the posters for his show.

Ryan also co-hosts the Comedy Cellar in the International Bar in Dublin, and is a star of the new youtube channel, Try, as well as having been one of the stars of the now defunct Facts! channel.

The Fringe Interests Podcast will be back later this year with another line-up of fantastic Irish and international comedians talking about comedy and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

In the meantime, sit back and enjoy this conversation with Ryan Cullen.

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